We had a fun easter this year! Belle enjoyed hearing the story of Jesus over and over again. On Easter sunday we had a great lunch with some friends. Unfortunately we didn’t get many pics of that. We enjoyed all the festivities that went along with Easter too. We died easter eggs and we participated in a few easter egg hunts. Our friends, the Wolframs, hosted a huge easter egg hunt/brunch and we had such a fun time hunting eggs! Lucy ate a ridiculous amount of candy, and both of the girls had a ball. I took way too many pictures, and here are some of them:

Lucy sat there in the grass eating her loot for so long. It cracked me up how the party is happening behind her and she is just engrossed in her candy!

Belle with her friends, Abby and Avery, at our Easter dinner.
Our failed attempt at a picture of our cute kiddos. 🙂

What do you think?