Last night we dressed up as cows and headed to Chick-Fil-A for free supper! (If you don’t know about this, CFA has “Cow Appreciation Day” where you can get a free combo if you dress up like a cow. I think its an annual thing, so if you missed it this year, look out for it next year!) The girls were super excited to dress like cows and they love CFA, so they were pretty excited about the whole evening! We enjoyed seeing so many friends dressed as cows too! The News, the Hattens, the Mozingos, and the Gaymon girls were all there sporting their cow attire as well! I’m not sure if we look more like cows, dalmatians, or spotted bunnies, but we had fun making our costumes together!

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  1. The Gaymons

    Cutest little bunny-cows I have ever seen!

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