Into a house! We have actually been in our new house for a little over a week, but I am just now getting around to blogging about it! I guess that’s what happens with a move. Oh, and I meant to get pictures of the actual moving process, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Here’e the new house:

We have been in an apartment for quite some time* now, so it is VERY exciting to be in a house! It has really made me appreciate the little things…like a YARD! This is one of my favorite things about the house! We have a back yard! No more walking down a flight of stairs and down a hill to get to the playground, we can just walk out our door! What a treat! We have put a little pool out there and have really been enjoying it!

A few of my other favorite things about the house are:

-We made the dining room into a play room
-Hazelnut (that’s the baby boy) has a room
-Joseph has an office upstairs…but all of the other rooms are downstairs.
-It has a garage
-It’s right next door to some of our really good friends!

The girls did great with the move and have loved the new house. They were so excited to help pack their stuff up as we were packing the apartment. It was pretty funny how they would ask if certain toys or books could come with us to the new house. Its also kind of funny to me how they always have an “old house” and a “new house” to talk about since neither Joseph nor I ever moved growing up. I’m glad they are adaptable!

We are all moved in and ready for visitors if you want to come check out the house!
*We lived in a house before moving to Missouri, back in 2006, but our girls have only lived in apartments. And we have lived in 3 different apartments over the last 1 1/2 years since coming back to Greenville, so this is a really exciting move!
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  1. Betsy

    so glad you got moved (again!) and that you have lots of space for baby boy to share. and i'm glad you're still close by too!

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