We spent part of last week at the beach with my family. It was a great trip, but I definitely could have stayed longer! I just love the beach! Here’s a few pics of our trip:

The girls eating breakfast on the porch. They loved sitting at this little table.

Lucy enjoying her first time being buried in the sand.

Daddy digging holes to bury the girls. Being buried in the sand was their favorite thing to do on the beach this time. I couldn’t believe how long they would stay buried!

Cute heads!

Belle busting out

See how much Lucy loved it?

There’s my foot!

Cute family after our dinner out

The girls with Nanny and Papa

Daddy’s girl

Papa and Lucy

Day 2 of hole digging

Look at that cute bottom! 🙂

Mommy and girls

Belle admiring Daddy’s drip castle

I don’t think I’m supposed to be lifting that much!

My brother with Lucy

First time playing putt-putt

Belle loved hitting her ball in

Sharing an icy treat after our hot game of putt-putt

Cute family

Sweet girls

Where’s hazelnut?

Lucy kept wanting to do ring around the rosy

“Mommy, my dress is wet!”

  1. melissa

    These pics are fabulous! You guys look so great.

  2. Keever Kids

    LOVE all the matching bathing suits and dresses! I remember how excited I was for that when Lucy was born and you and Joseph (haha) didn't know if you would do it or not and look at y'all now! 🙂 Let's look for some matching with boy and girl prints for baby boy, who needs a name.

  3. The Gaymons

    I agree with Kelly…we need a name to call that sweet baby boy.

    LOVE all of the pictures! Especially the one of Joseph holding Belle and the one of the girls holding hands walking away. You Osborns are just so cute!

  4. Debby

    I love seeing your family! Our girls would have so much fun on the beach together – all my girls want to do is dig holes and then play in them!

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