Wow. Sorry it has been over a month since I last posted on here! I have several posts to do, so you might get overwhelmed!
I have lots of sweet friends. A few of those sweet friends offered to throw me a baby shower so we could get some baby boy things, since almost all of our baby stuff is pink! So sweet of them. And so sweet of so many other friends to come bring us great gifts! But it was the worst baby shower ever because I was the worst guest of honor ever!
Saturday before the shower on Sunday I was going to the bathroom way more than normal (even at this stage of pregnancy) and I had a terrible pain in my back. It wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t sleep, so around midnight we called the doctor and they told me to go to the hospital. So we spent most of Saturday night at the hospital. They think I had a kidney infection. (Thanks to Des for coming to sleep on our couch while we were at the hospital!) Then on Sunday I was drugged up and throwing up from the pain meds I was on. So I probably should have cancelled the shower, but I wanted to badly to go that I didn’t. I was totally in a fog and threw up while I was at the shower and ended up leaving early after my sweet friends convinced me to go! No one even ate while I was there! Thankfully Lindsey took some pics with my camera for me so I could see what the food looked like! 🙂 It was beautiful! Great job Ashley! Wish I could have enjoyed it more!!

I actually opened my gifts at the shower, but the next day when I went back through them it was like I was opening them all again! 🙂

What do you think?