I have been busy sewing, trying to get Everett’s room ready for him! I decided a while back to make his bedding, but then was held up because I left a spot for an initial and he didn’t have a name! I couldn’t very well embroider an initial without knowing his name! So it sat unfinished for quite a while. Once he finally had a name I had to get on it and get it done! I knew if I left it undone I would never finish it after he got here! Time for projects is basically unheard of with a newborn. So I finished the bedding and made letters for the wall and then moved on to a couple of other projects that I knew I wouldn’t finish after Everett’s arrival! I figure I should enjoy this time while I’m well rested to get things done!

His room could definitely still use some more decorations, but here’s what it is like for now:

And here are our new curtains and pillows for the den:

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  1. The Carsons

    His bedding looks awesome!! Looks like it was a lot of work–you are so talented! I can't wait to hear of his arrival!!

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