I have been a bit distracted from blogging since Everett’s arrival, but here are a few random pics from the first week of his life. I hope to get the pics of my camera soon so you can see what he looks like now. He turned a month yesterday, so he is definitely bigger now than he is in all these pics!

Belle holding her baby brother

First bath at home
Lucy loving on her baby brother
Sweet little boy
We went to the park one day (I think Everett was 6 days old?) and Daddy and the girls had fun running around. We had been inside a lot!
Everett at the park
Daddy and Everett napping
He loves that Bop!
Lucy wants to be with Everett ALL the time! She loves him so much!
This is Everett when he was dressed and ready to head home from the hospital. I tried to get a pic of him in his cute coming home outfit, but he was not very happy to be put down and unwrapped!
Daddy with his new baby BOY!

Papa and Nanny were watching the girls and got to come see Everett right away.
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  1. The Gaymons

    These pictures are awesome, Elizabeth! I especially love the one of his first bath…so sweet!

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