So I am unbelievably behind blogging. We went to Hollywild with some friends at the beginning of December, and I am just now posting these pics. Amanda did an amazing job organizing a fun soup dinner for all of us. Then we headed to Hollywild to see the lights and the animals.
For those of you who don’t know, Hollywild is an animal park (that Joseph describes as a PETA nightmare) with all sorts of crazy animals. There is a field where deer, zebra, zonkey (that’s a zebra/donkey mix), donkeys, cows, and some other animals wander. During the year Hollywild has buses that they drive visitors around in, but at Christmas, cars are allowed in and it is CHAOS! Cars are everywhere and people are hanging out of windows and minivan doors feeding animals. And the animals stick their heads in the cars. Oh, and there are all sorts of Christmas lights and a petting zoo. The whole experience is bizarre and lots of fun.

What do you think?