We had a great Christmas. I know it was forever ago, but I wanted to put some pictures up anyway! We hosted for the first time ever and it was SO great being at our house! We loved having the kids wake up at our house for Christmas morning. They were SO excited! I think they would have been happy to play with their stockings all day. It was really overwhelming to them how many gifts there were to open. Lucy even laid down for a while! They were so excited about each thing and wanted to play with each thing for a long time. We opened presents for hours. We loved having Everett here with us this Christmas! What a gift he is to our family!

Belle opening the one gift she had actually asked for…a sleeping beauty doll.
The girls loved using scissors to cut their ribbons.

Mommy was there too!
Lucy taking a rest.

Belle so excited about her new Leapster.
I loved getting to fix Christmas breakfast. (I forgot to take a picture before.) We had breakfast casserole and pumpkin/chocolate chip birthday cake for Jesus. The girls thought it was so fun singing happy birthday to Jesus. And the night before Belle asked if Jesus was going to be there for his party and if she could give him a present wrapped in paper. So cute.
The girls made our tree topper this year.

My brother holding Everett.

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  1. melissa

    Your kids are so cute. I miss you guys. Wish I could come hold little Everett.

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