Everett is such a sweet baby! We are so blessed! He is so calm and content all the time! He is a good eater and as of a couple weeks ago, a great sleeper! I said for a while that he would be the perfect baby if he would start sleeping through the night. Well, he is perfect now. 😉 At 3 1/2 months he started sleeping 12 hours a night! The same hours as the girls! Actually most nights he sleeps even longer than they do! (They sleep 7-7 and a few nights Ev has gone 6:30-8!) I am SO excited about this because it means I get to sleep too! Yay Everett!!

He is 4 months now and at his dr appt weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz. He is a chunky little thing, but we think his rolls are pretty cute!
We are all crazy about him still!

What do you think?