I got a great idea from a blog to make finger paint and paint on the walls in the shower. The girls LOVED it! So if you need a fun activity for a rainy day…or any day…it is fun and easy!

Here’s the link with the recipe:
and here’s what my sweet girls looked like enjoying it:

  1. Joanna

    these are absolutely the cutest pics. I love all the colors and their sweet blue eyes.

  2. Mary Beth

    That's so funny bc I just did a finger-painting project with the kids (not in the tub) and after it washed off so easily, I was thinking, "hmmm, I bet you could use this on the walls of your tub…". Glad you tried it and proved that it worked! I think they actually sell "bathtub paint" but it's prob just repackaged finger paint that they charge more for. 🙂
    Looks like the girls had a blast! Thx for sharing!

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