We had fun celebrating today! St. Patrick’s Day isn’t something I usually celebrate, but with kids, it is so fun to celebrate holidays! I love finding fun ideas to do to make days special, and a day devoted to green made that easy!

We started our day with GREEN milk and GREEN quiche and GREEN grapes and kiwi (didn’t take a pic of that…whoops!)
Then we had some friends over for a little party where we made GREEN noodle necklaces, made GREEN contact paper shamrocks and ate a GREEN lunch!
The GREEN noodles for making necklaces.

The kids making the shamrock craft
The GREEN lunch spread.

Belle’s GREEN plate
The bigger kids, Maggie, Morris, Belle, and Lucy, eating their GREEN lunch
Morgan eating her GREEN lunch
The sweet little babies, Emery and Everett.
The little ones, Eli, Garvin and Kerri Grace
Belle showing off her noodle necklace
Some decorations.

We love having fun friends to have a good time with! I’m glad they are always up for a party!

What do you think?