It was a rainy saturday today. And I loved it. We made waffles and warm cinnamon apples and ate breakfast lazily. The girls and Daddy went out in the rain with pjs, boots and umbrellas. We all stayed in pjs for a LONG time. (Belle wore hers all day and then slept in them again!) We all colored around our coffee table. We made a silly little butterfly with melted crayon shavings and wax paper. (Belle wants to sharpen every crayon, so I figured we might as well use those shavings!)


The girls played dress up in my closet.

I took Lucy on a long overdue date (just the 2 of us). I let her choose the restaurant and she chose my fav…Taco Bell. Such a sweet girl…she knows its my fav. After lunch we swung into the Goodwill nearby to check for rainboots. We scored some for Belle from a different Goodwill store a couple of weeks ago and I keep hoping to find Lucy some. So does Lucy. She was totally excited to go check for them. And of course we had fun looking at everything else there too! A date with my girl complete with Taco Bell and Goodwill. That’s my kind of date. I’m glad she loves it too! When we got home I piled blankets on the couch and snuggled with all 3 kiddos and watched a movie. And sweet little Everett fell asleep on me. He hasn’t done that in a while. We are pretty strict about laying him in his crib. But I just let him sleep on me and I loved it. Ahhh.

And before the girls went to bed I curled their hair (with paper towels) for the first time ever. What a fun, lazy, rainy Saturday. Loved it.


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