I was making Chinese food for dinner the other night and remembered seeing a recipe on a blog for fortune cookies.  I thought the girls would think they were fun, so I gave it a shot! If you want to try to make them yourself, here is the recipe:


Here’s how they started out, just a smear of batter on the cookie sheet:

They came out of the oven like this:

I VERY quickly put the fortunes in and shaped them

Here’s the final product:

They weren’t as bad as regular fortune cookies, but not as yummy as a normal cookie either, so don’t expect miracles. But they were fun to do, and made my Chinese meal seem a bit more official. 🙂

Everett joined us at the table for the first time at this meal.  He didn’t get to eat any fortune cookies, egg rolls, or fried rice… but he did get  rice cereal…and he loved it!  He started rice cereal a coupe of weeks ago, but we just started sitting him in the booster seat.  Such a big boy!

What do you think?