One of our top priorities right now is making sure the New Tribes reps in PNG have everything they need from us to get all the appropriate documents we will need to come to PNG (visas, work permits, etc.) They have most of what they need since we sent them a ton of stuff over a year ago the last time we were ready to go. However, they don’t have anything on Everett.

I got ready to apply for Everett’s passport last week and realized we don’t have a birth certificate for him. Whoops. I found the form to get a copy of it and found out that the normal turn around time is three weeks. But for a $5 fee, it can be expedited and only takes three days. Hmm. I understand the idea of paying for a rushed job, but am I the only one who is curious about the disparity between three days and three weeks? Do they have a file labeled “Don’t do this yet?”

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  1. josh butler

    that is awesome, if you ever find out about the “don’t do this yet file” could you let me know.

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