For those of you who write your own blogs, the notion of “spam” comments is surely something you are used to. But for the rest of you, allow me to fill you in…

As you may have noticed, there are lots of sites out there on the interweb and most of them are desperate for “traffic.” To get more traffic, bloggers will comment on other blogs including a link back to their own site in the comment. The problem with this tactic is that writing a relevant comment would require reading another person’s blog or at least knowing what it was about. This problem is easily “solved” by just ignoring it. This results in some pretty entertaining comments. Here are some examples:

Both of these comments were submitted on Elizabeth’s post, “Rainy Day,” about coloring, dress up and watching movies. I have, of course, removed any reference to the commenters’ own blogs so they can’t benefit from their spam attempts.

  • I was seeking a post like this. Thanks a lot.” Really? You were seeking a post about what a stranger enjoys doing with her children on a rainy day. I find that hard to believe, but at least you can copy and paste this comment on ANY BLOG IN THE WORLD without ever reading a word.
  • This just tends to make me personally realize how foolish is normally present system. I additionally enjoy the fact that post does not say it really is unsuitable, that you will get discovered and you ought to forget. Anyways, i get sleep currently, most definitely i’ll present that to my man tomorrow, because he’s at the office now. Keep to write!” We will definitely keep to write. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad you picked up on the fact that we think the present system of rainy day activities is foolish. Can’t wait to hear what your man at the office thinks!

Here’s a couple from my blog about photography:

  • “magnificent post, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not notice this.” I know, right? What’s wrong with all the other specialists in my sector?
  • “Really instructive and superb complex body part of articles” If my site was an ear, which post would you consider the anvil? The stirrup? What about the lobe?
  • “Appears to be fairly active around here. A good number of these replies on this post appear to be junk, You might want to moderate them.” Thanks for the advice, Mr. Ebay Used Cars For Sale. Say, that’s an interesting name. Are your parents Dutch? (In case it’s not clear from my sarcastic comment, this guy who told me to moderate the comments said his name is “Ebay Used Cars For Sale.”)


  1. This is one that I got. It was on a post that listed a few common parenting questions:

    “You need to sing with all your heart if you want to sing the gospel song. This is some very valuable information, thank you very much.”

    I mean, this sounds good. “Sing the gospel song” — Who could argue with that? “Very valuable information” — wow, such a meaningful compliment for such a bland post.

    But the kicker was the final words, a link to “Hair Loss After Pregnancy.”

    • Joseph

      Joey, at least it was a link you could use.

  2. Hair loss? Yes. Pregnant. No.

  3. Pop Pop

    I am completely lost…………..?

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