Everett is wearing cloth diapers!

I never thought I wold use cloth diapers.  (Next thing you know I’m going to say I’m doing natural childbirth!  HA!)  Apparently some sort of disposable diapers are available in PNG, but it seems like using cloth diapers there might be a good idea.  So I’m giving them a try now to see if I think I can do it there!  A good friend of mine had used them with her child and no longer needed them, so she offered them to me.  That was enough encouragement for me to give it a try.  Free diapers…can’t beat that!  (Those things are super expensive!) And she threw in a diaper pail, cute waterproof bags, and all the goodies I would need to do this right!  Thanks Annabelle!

Here goes nothing!


  1. josh butler

    i so know how you feel! but on the bright side more motivation for early pottey training.

  2. Melissa

    You can do it! So apparently I forgot to switch back over to this blog, so I am WAY behind! Oops! Love the new look.

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