I LOVE Spring and summer.  I LOVE warm weather and I LOVE fresh fruit!  It has become an annual event for us to go strawberry picking with some friends in early May, and we went this week!  So fun!   It is pretty funny to see all of the moms wearing babies and snapping pictures with our big cameras in the strawberry field!  I love it!  But we all want to make sure we capture the precious memories of these cute moments!

By the way, Greenville friends, if any of you haven’t gone, we went to Sandy Flat and it is only like a 20 minute drive.  You should go! 🙂


Enjoying the fruit fresh from the plant…YUM!



Look at the rows of strawberries full of kids!


All the kids…well, not the babies.   They were all (amazingly) SO cooperative!


Me and the kids

I made some freezer jam out of some of the strawberries.  Look at this funny collection of jars!

  1. Joey

    I loved to do that with my Mom each summer when I was little too. They’ll love these memories (and the strawberry jam later!).

  2. MomO

    MomO and Pop pop loved the berries with our breakfast! Thanks for sharing. I remember picking berries with my Aunt Audrey and cousin Dick. They ripen in June in Ohio, so it was always the first harvest of the summer for us.

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