Some of our good friends from our time training in Missouri are already in PNG. He is an airplane/helicopter pilot so they live on a “base” in a town, as opposed to a tribal village. He flies missionaries in and out of remote tribal locations and delivers supplies to them. (We are excited to see them soon since our first PNG home will be on the same base.)

Last year they had an opportunity to hike out to a village (a 30 minute hike) to be a part of a birthday celebration. Here is Mike’s brief description:

“The normal custom here is that they throw one big birthday party for their children on either their first or second birthday. After that they don’t do much to celebrate birthdays and many people do not even keep track of their age.”

We thought you might enjoy seeing some of their pictures of normal life in a PNG village. For a fun game, try to pick out our friends and their two sons.

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