The other day the girls went to rinse their feet in the pool (fully clothed) and ended up getting in.  It was so funny…I just went along with it and let them swim in their clothes!

Playing in the garage while we packed.  I thought they were so funny with that umbrella opened playing games on my phone.

Sweet Everett

The girls were dancing and playing and really entertaining Everett

He was cracking up!

  1. Kelly K

    That first pic is so funny to me! First born, unsure, wants to see if it’s ok, should she do it… 2nd born, just right in, doesn’t care if it’s ok or not! Their faces are priceless! LOVE E’s laughing pic! Gonna miss all 3 of those precious faces!

  2. Joseph

    Kelly, you’re only going to miss 3 precious faces?

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