I lOVE peaches, but I thought I didn’t like peach pie.  I mean, I would eat it if someone served it to me, but I never really liked peach pie all that much.  But the other day when we had a load of peaches, my husband really wanted me to make a peach pie…so I obliged (albeit slightly begrudgingly…I thought it was a waste of yummy, fresh peaches).  All I can guess is that every peach pie I had ever eaten had been made with canned peaches (gasp!), because I could not believe how different this pie tasted!  It was SO good!  And totally different from the mush I was accustomed to! I am sold.  Fresh peach pie is the way to go.  I do like peach pie, Sam-I-am!

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  1. Ashley

    I might like it, too. It looks delicious! On a boat…or in a coat!!

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