Last week my family came to visit us.  It was such a fun time! My brother lives in Boston, so we don’t get to see him very much.  The kids just LOVED having their uncle here, and Nanny and Papa too.

Everett enjoying QT with Uncle Graham

All of us after a picnic at Furman.  (My mom and brother both went to FU too)

Belle and Joseph at the bell tower.  Belle kept calling it the “lucy tower”

Lucy loved climbing on Uncle Graham in the pool

The girls had a ball washing my brother’s car.

Everett learned to wave and say “bye bye” while they were here

Lucy with Papa

  1. So glad that your fam got to be together, especially for Graham able to make it down. Seems like Dr Trzupek’s chem lab was so long ago. Good times!

  2. So many great pics!!
    The ‘lucy tower’… that’s awesome!

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