We just love Greenville.  Now that we have finally been to the Children’s museum we have another reason to love it!  We had such a great time!  It was so fun to go with Nanny, Papa, and Uncle Graham too!

I think our kids could have stayed in the BiLo area all day.

They each took turns checking each other out, with a little assistance from Daddy and Uncle Graham.

Belle decorated this cake for Lucy

Everett loved the water area.  It was so nice that there were seats for babies to enjoy it!

Music room

Belle holding Daddy up

Silly mirror

The farmhouse was another huge hit with our girls

And with Everett

Milking a cow

Huge Light Bright

The teddy bear clinic also captivated these sweet girls!  Belle did not want to let her sick kitty go!

Lucy sliding down the stomach

I was surprised how many things Everett could enjoy!

Enjoying our cupcakes and family time!

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  1. Ashley

    Ok, it’s officially official….I need some photography tips! Your pics from the Museum are sooo much better than mine. I will be borrowing my dad’s camera, and maybe you can send me your top three tips for shooting kids in motion? Looks like ya’ll had a great time!

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