We have so loved being a part of the Spann community group over the last 2 years and are really going to miss it!  We got together this week for one last time of fellowship as a group before we leave.  This group has been so real and genuine, and has loved us so well!  We love all of you!!

Here’s a pic of those of us who were there the other night!  (We missed all of you who couldn’t make it!)

And here are the kiddos, minus the babies…and the 2 babies that are in tummies!  🙂  Oh, and in case you are looking for him, Everett was sleeping through this whole photo op!

  1. Our group is sure gonna miss you guys!! You were such an encouragement to us all through your willingness to share your lives and struggles, willingness to serve, and your willingness to simply show up each week (with three small kids at bedtime). You now continue to be an example as you leave the comforts of the US and the comforts of our community to serve Him! We’re praying for you…

  2. Marissa

    We were VERY sad to have missed it!

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