1. I’m so excited for you guys and thankful that you survived the trip with minimal difficulty. Praying for your transition as a family.

  2. Ashley

    It looks so beautiful!!

  3. these brought tears to my eyes. not only b/c of the beauty, but the reality that you guys are finally there. praying for you all.

  4. Hannah

    You made it! So happy for you guys, but I will definitely miss my awesome leaders! Love you guys!

  5. So beautiful y’all! Are these pics your way of telling us you’ve actually moved to Jurassic Park?? Nice try editing out the dinosaurs… I totally see the stegosaurus in the first pic…
    So happy y’all are safe and settled!

  6. Natalie Patterson

    I can’t believe you’re really there! We’ve been thinking of and praying for you guys so much. Love your family and can’t wait for more updates!!

  7. Taryn

    So beautiful! I’m seriously so filled with joy to see these pictures…and to be tagging along for this amazing journey your family is on!

    And Mary Beth made me laugh out loud with the jurassic park comment!!

  8. Kelly K

    Imagining the mornings on the front porch! The fruit trees! We love you. The 5 of you have left a void in G’vegas BUT sooo excited to be part of your team!

  9. Denise

    Wait, I thought you guys were going to the mission field. Where are the guys with the cones?

    • Joseph

      We haven’t been to the cone store yet.

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