Yesterday* we got to eat lunch with some friends of ours from our time in Missouri. They live here on the base full time because Mike is a pilot who flies people and supplies in and out of “bush” locations (in an helicopter.) Here we are enjoying a delicious meal:

And here is their view overlooking much of the base:


*By “yesterday” I mean Saturday since I’m writing this Sunday morning. But for most of you Saturday is today unless you don’t read this in the next five hours in which case “yesterday” may be correct or may be irrelevant.

  1. Graham

    All this time zone talk is blowing my mind as I read this entry in the wee hours of the morning in Scotland on the 28th.

    • Elizabeth

      yeah, i guess you are somewhere in the middle! the time zone switch was totally crazy on the way here when we lost 14 hrs. we got on the plane mon morning and got here wed around noon. and our 15 hr flight from chicago to hong kong (which i would say was over night. 2 pm-5 am est) was daylight the whole way! so weird. i think we lost tuesday sort of.

      • Papa

        Elizabeth, your new home and yard look great! Nanny and I are still trying to get used to the time zone, too. We love all of you very much.

    • Papa

      Nanny said it is blowing our minds, too. We miss you and elizabeth, Joseph, Belle, Lucy, and little Everett very much. Please stay safe in your travels. We love you.

  2. Kelly K

    You did loose a day. It’s so strange to me. I guess you’ll get the day back when you come back to the States to visit? Crazy.

  3. Denise

    You can take Joseph out of the country but you can’t take Joseph out of Joseph. So Philly…

  4. Lizzie DeLoach

    The view is beautiful!

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