On Saturday we went shopping in town with the couple who has been showing us around and the other new family who arrived about 2 weeks before us.  We went to 2 stores and the market, but I’ll save the market pics for a later post.

The first store we went to was called Papindos.  I was impressed as we walked in that they had buggies so I would have a place to put Everett.  That was my only positive first impression.  The place smelled TERRIBLE and was pretty dirty.  Most of the packages just looked dusty.  That made it hard to think about food.  Also, I really didn’t know what types of food we would be able to get, so I hadn’t prepared for my shopping trip by making a meal plan or list.  Thus I was randomly tossing things in my buggy that I thought I might need.  Only problem with that was that I was supposed to be able to feed my family for a couple of days with what I bought!  It was all a bit overwhelming in the first store!


These pics just don’t do the dirt…or the smell…justice!  I wish I could make this scratch and sniff.  And somehow these pics make the place seem bigger.

There are LOTS of soy sauces and other asian sauces.  This row is mostly just soy sauce.  It turns out a lot of stores here are owned by Asians.

Here’s a funny thing.  See that little yellow box on the counter?  Its individually wrapped beef bullion cubes.  You know, just in case you need a beef bullion cube on your ride home.  I bought one – I didn’t eat it on the way home.

This is actually in the second store (called Bintangor).  I was much more seasoned by the time we went in here, so I did much better.  Here Rosie (the lady who has been showing us the ropes) is showing me and Faye that the “olive oil” is actually a combination of oils.  sneaky.

The reason we went to the second store was because Rosie said they had the best meat counter.   See?  That’s pretty much all of it.  I got some chicken.  No boneless, skinless here.  And it isn’t prepackaged either.  Rosie told them I wanted 4 chicken breasts and they took them out, put them in a grocery bag and tied it off.

I think I’ll do much better on our next trip to the store now that I know what to expect.

Stay tuned for more shopping pics…

  1. Denise

    Did you happen to pick up a compressor at the first store? Looks like they were having a special that day. When you get to PNG are you assigned a photographer to follow you around or is that something special for your family? Kind of nice but it may get old. It really is neat that you guys are letting us walk through this with you. At least the meat looks fresh (?). Well, I have to go. Gotta go get some milk at Bi-Lo or maybe the farmer’s market or maybe WalMart, Publix, or the gas station. Americans. We are ridiculously spoiled.

    • Joseph

      Those are generators. We didn’t get one yet, but probably will once we are ready to move into the bush. Of course, I’m sure they won’t be on special then.

  2. Kelly K

    Makes me feel a little bad using the soy and beef bullion you left me 😉

    Keep posting! It’s one of the highlights in my day!

  3. Lindsey New

    Don’t forget to rinse the chicken after you take it out of the bag! Loved the pictures- even if it was stinky at least I can picture it!

  4. Ashley


  5. Molly

    Did they have dog beside the chicken in the meat case? And by dog, I mean your neighbors dog? I am also very curious about how there can be so many variations on soy sauce. I thought there was just regular and low sodium. look at what you have to choose from! lucky ducks!

  6. Kelley Haff

    I love technology and being able to feel like we’re only around the corner!

  7. I remember shopping the first few times in Asia. It was interesting. They had buggies, but it was also 2 floors w/out an elevator that was accessible. The upstairs was like a “department store” – you know shoes/clothes, school supplies, cleaning supplies, “sporting goods”, and musical instruments. They had lots of sauces, too, not to mention weird congealed stuff in jars – mostly red and brown colored. I remember the first time our friend showed us the milk…in boxes on the shelf. I was pretty sure I was going to have a calcium deficiency by the time I left, but after a couple months I was drinking it right out of the little box – after we refrigerated it, of course. Can’t wait to see how your market looks!

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