Today I got my driver’s license. As you might be able to tell from the picture I could have made my own with a printer and laminator and saved 90 Kina. But it probably would have been an obvious fake since I would have tried to get the lines straight and all the information inside the appropriate boxes.

Now that I’m a licensed driver, I’m free* to use the mission owned vehicles to drive into town. Incidentally, they are all manual/straight/standard/stick. While I’ve driven such cars before, I’ve never owned one and driven it regularly and so I’m not super smooth. Nonetheless, I think practicing left-handed while driving on the left side of the road will be the ideal opportunity to perfect my technique.

PS Don’t worry, mom, I’ll be careful. My first attempt went off without a hitch (which is good because I don’t think pulling a trailer my first time would have been a good idea.**)

*By “free” I mean “allowed to” not “allowed to without charge”

**This joke was aimed at a certain demographic, so if you didn’t chuckle, don’t hold it against me. You’re just not the target audience. If you did laugh, you may enjoy this book.

  1. Matt Gaymon

    Congrats on your certification as a Class 6. Between you and me, I thought there was no way you’d be any higher than a 4.5. Well done indeed. We’re praying for you guys over here in Greer, USA.

  2. Taryn

    I laughed…a lot! You could have smiled you know.

    • Joseph

      I wasn’t quite ready…maybe I can do a re-shoot when I speak the language.

  3. Andrea

    I’m a little curious why you are reading a book about the Golden Years. Are you sure they got your birthday right 😉

    • Joseph

      Whoa. Who said I read it? I’m just recommending it based on the title and cover.

  4. Kelly K

    Is Elizabeth allowed to get one? By allowed I mean by the Government, not by the husband 😉

    • Joseph

      Yes, but since the ladies don’t go into town by themselves, none of them get one.

  5. Denise

    Since you’ve updated your profile picture and have been “to town” does this mean you got “THE CONE”?

  6. matt new

    Well, let’s see, I laughed when I read the asterisk, what does that mean? I’m excited to see you are part of Team Six, you did good work with OBL. I too was born in Ataanta, USA – you learn all kinds of things on the internet! And… I think you took the phrase “Avatar” a little too literally.

  7. Larry Huff

    So am I left to draw the painful conclusion that you didn’t ship the Subaru to PNG? You know it would be perfect for the dirt roads and no clutch required. Geez P-Joseph. Work with me here.

    • Joseph

      I wish! The Subaru would make me so happy right now.

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