After visiting the 2 stores the other day, we went to the local market.  It was so great!  Fruits and veggies here are way cheaper than the things at the grocery store.  It seems so backwards, since in the US fruits and veggies are more expensive.  So I guess we will be eating more fruits and veggies here!  One of our favorite cheap, easy meals so far is an avocado, tomato and cucumber sandwich…yum!  All the fresh produce is so nice!

That big bag on my shoulder is one I borrowed, but they sell them in the market.  They are made out of old flour or rice bags. I’ll buy my own next time we go to the market.  I thought it was pretty creative of them!


I thought it was odd that they have strawberries here.  They are good, but tiny!  And they aren’t as good of a price as some of the other things.  You basically divide by 2 to get the US price, so these were about 2.50 in USD.

One thing I liked was that prices were clearly marked.  There was a little bit of them trying to convince us to buy from them (and not one of the many other vendors selling the same thing) but not too terribly much.  I was expecting more of that!

This is such a great idea…the guy chopped off the long pieces of the pineapple top before he gave it to me so it would fit in the bag.

Even the biggest pineapples were only $2.

I thought the carrots looked so pretty like this.

Sweet potatoes are one of the big things they grow and eat here.  There are all sorts of varieties.  The ones we got had purplish skins and light yellow insides.

Overall I was a big fan of the market.  We came home with tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, sweet potatoes, a pineapple, strawberries, avocados, ginger, and carrots.  I really don’t remember exactly what we spent, but I think less than 10 USD. Not bad.

  1. Denise

    So beautiful! Were the strawberries good? They usually are when smaller. And those pineapples! Was it just yum?! How fun! Nice to see where your food comes from. Did the people speak English at all? You guys are true adventurers. I am in awe.

  2. Andrea

    Everything looks sooo delicious! I would have had to buy a second bag just to get everything home! Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us! Its so much easier to imagine what your new life is like!

  3. Momo

    Thanks so much for taking the wonderful pictures! It is great to see what you are up to and a bit of what it is like there. We love you all very much and delight in each new message. Thanks, Joseph, for driving carefully! Hannah loved it that you were the first ome to wish her a Happy Day. Thnks for that and the call to Ohio! Luv, m

  4. Lindsey New

    Well, I’m just glad to know that you won’t be relying on the grocery sack chicken. Fresh fruit and vegetables sound great!

  5. matt new

    Can you please give a key for what the tomato bar chart represents?

    • Joseph

      Digicel, the local cell phone company was filming a commercial.

      • Rick Hawkinson

        Mmmmm….strong tomato signal.
        Count me in!

  6. Hannah

    are you going to wear the bag on your forhead like the other ladies?

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