The hardest thing about moving (so far) has been our kids not being on their normal sleep schedule.  That has made for tired, grumpy, whiny, kids!  Naps went well today and the kids actually stayed up past 6 pm tonight, so we are praying for a full night’s sleep!  Maybe our second week here will bring some normalcy to the kids sleep patterns!



  1. Kelley

    Stayed up past 6 PM… woke after 4 AM???

    • Elizabeth

      they did sleep till after 4, but they haven’t made it past 6 am yet. 🙁

  2. Molly

    but he’s still soooo cuuuute!!

  3. mom o

    I’ll take him!! (them)

  4. Christy

    I know. This is still such a cute pic! I know grumpy kids though, can really be a challenge! :))

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