The base we are living on is plopped right in the middle of houses and gardens belonging to some nationals. Today, for the first time we walked around outside our fences to see what’s there.

Here is Lucy cruising by one of the houses:

This is a path through some of the gardens (which are for crops, not decorative flowers.) Those are banana trees on the left.

Here is a field of tapioca.

A pineapple growing:

After petting this pig, the girls wanted to see a pink one like Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.

Everybody wants to touch the white babies.

At this house, the woman was preparing to cook all this in a pit. When we walked up the fire was burning heating the rocks to go in the pit.

This kids are pealing something for the cooking.

Here’s a lady doing some laundry down in a pit:

This is life all around us.


  1. Kelly K

    How do “the white babies” do when everyone is touching them? Belle looks so comfortable touching the pig and being in the market and the store! And Lucy with her shades on walking around… Love it!

    • Elizabeth

      they do pretty well! everett doesn’t seem to mind at all.

  2. matt new

    Hmmm. Pig + Pit, you thinking what I’m thinking?

    • Joseph


  3. Molly

    i thought tapioca grew in those plastic containers? who knew. thanks for going all the way over there to get the truth on tapioca.

    • Joseph

      Mission accomplished.

  4. Gretchen

    Love seeing you live out God’s adventure for your family

  5. Ashley

    Lucy is such a coolray.

  6. Lindsey New

    Did Belle and Lucy’s hairbows make it in the carry-ons??

    • Elizabeth

      they did…i just don’t have bows that match those outfits quite right…shocker, i know!

  7. Marissa

    I did get a giggle from Belle having a pink bow in her hair at the market 🙂

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