Okay, so this should be the last post about grocery shopping.  But there is yet another way we can get food and I just had to tell you about all of them!  Let me tell you a bit more about the New Tribes set up over here first.  We live at Sobega.  Sobega is about 5 miles from the town of Goroka, which is where we flew in and where the market and the stores from the other posts are.  Another 5 miles or so past Sobega from town is a New Tribes base called Lapilo.  That is where the school is and many other New Tribes families live there as well.  To be perfectly honest I’m not sure why some people live here and some live there.  I think Lapilo might be the base for all of PNG and Sobega is just the base for the highlands region, but I’m not totally sure.  I’m sure I’ll figure that out.  But the reason why that is relevant to this grocery shopping post is because there is a grocery store at Lapilo that is just for missionaries.  In this store are some things similar to what we can find in Goroka, but there are also lots of American things that get shipped in and can only be bought here.  Things like peanut butter, cereal, doritos, mayo, etc.  I was surprised to see the array of American stuff they had.  It was much cleaner and smelled better than the other stores,too.  Apparently here, and at the other stores, the items stocked are not consistent though.  People kept telling us “if you see it, buy it, because it might not be there next time!”

What the store looks like.  Its just a small little room with short shelves.

Apple Juice: $9.822

Some of the prices were crazy expensive!  Of course prices for food everywhere in PNG are expensive, not just at the Lapilo store.  Check out a few of the prices.  These prices are in US dollars, not kina, so what you see here is the US amount.

Peanut Butter: $7.084

That’s right, $16 for a bag of brown sugar.  I sadly had to pass on that one.  Fortunately I found molasses so I can make a substitute!

Marshmallows: $3.509

Cheerios: $8.087

Frap: $4.500

It is kind of nice to know that there are some treats available.  Even if they are expensive, after being here a while it might seem worth it!

  1. Molly

    DOLLARS!?!? $60 for apple juice!?! makes the $13.99/lb. PNG coffee we are waiting on to arrive “from the port in Charleston” seem like a steal. and i frequent several grocery stores to make sure i am getting the best prices, so that you posted 3x on grocery shopping was right up my alley. missing you. btw, what did you use the butterscotch pudding for?

    • Joseph

      That first symbol is a dollar sign. The juice is $9.822. I’m not sure why we are paying tenths of cents, but when juice costs more than gas, I guess they think it’s appropriate.

      [edit] *I added the prices since they were a little small on these pictures*

    • Elizabeth

      the butterscotch pudding is for a monkey bread. here’s the recipe:
      aunt susan’s coffee cake

      1 c chopped pecans
      1/2 c brown sugar
      1/4 stick butter
      24 oz bag frozen rolls
      3 oz not instant butterscotch pudding mix

      grease bundt pan
      put 1/2 c pecans in bottom
      add rolls
      add pudding mix
      mix brown sugar and butter
      put on top
      add other 1/2 c pecans
      put in oven overnight
      in the morning, set to 350
      cook 30 min

      • Sandra N Pate

        Danny and I would like to make a care package to send your family what things can we get that you are not able to get there.

        • Elizabeth

          thanks! that is so sweet of ya’ll!
          any snacky foods would be great…chips, crackers, candy, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. the stuff like that that we have bought here is not very good…usually stale. also any mixes…cookie mix, muffin mix, brownie mix, koolaid, ranch, taco seasoning. we can make up our own from scratch, but having some quick things would be nice too! any craft stuff for the girls would be fun too. we would definitely appreciate whatever!

  2. Katie

    Looks like Bi-Lo at the Children’s Museum! Buck and I (and the kids) LOVE keeping up with you guys. We were just saying last night how amazing that would be…without kids. I’m pretty sure the trip would’ve done us in and we never would have made it to the store!

    • Elizabeth

      that is hilarious! it totally looks like the children’s museum! too bad they don’t have tiny buggies…our girls would LOVE that!
      i’m sure it would all be easier without kids! 🙂 we keep talking about how getting over jetlag would have been no big deal without kids…we could have just slept when we wanted to!

  3. Ashley

    I guess they don’t accept coupons? 🙂
    LOVE LOVE LOVE reading these posts. Wish I was there shopping with you.

    • Elizabeth

      they don’t even have sales! crazy!

  4. Kelly K

    $7 for an off brand of pbutter! It would probably be worth it to me as a comfort food though! 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      we actually bought the pb! considering how expensive other things are, $7 for pb didn’t seem all that bad when i thought about all the lunches it could make! i’ll just use it sparingly! and you are right, i thought it would be a great comfort food for the girls!

  5. susan jones

    haha…totally “get” this post! 🙂 have the same kind of thing here…PB is expensive too, but not quite $9!

  6. Christy

    That was just what I was thinking! Bilo at the museum!! So funny! But at the same time, not so funny with those prices!

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