Laundry is a little different here.  It is definitely more of a process.  We are using what they call a “twin tub” washing machine, which, coincidentally, has 2 tubs.  One tub is for washing and the other is for spinning. To wash, I run water from a hose into the tub on the left and then add clothes and soap.  Then after 10 min or so Ipull the clothes out and move them over to the spin tub, on the right.  After they spin for about 2 min, I take them out and rinse them in the sink (next to the washing machine), then put the clothes back in the spinner for 2 more min.  Then its time to hang them up to dry!  Definitely more active involvement than doing laundry back home!  But I am thankful that I have a machine to help and I am not doing all of it by hand!

You can see me in action here.  Notice the brown water in the washing machine.  The water coming out of the hose is always dirty, sometimes dirtier than others.  But, amazingly, our clothes still seem clean when they finish.  Well, some white things are forever dingy from the water, I think.

Oh, and the machine is located in the breezeway between our house and our neighbors house.  That widow in front of where I am standing is the Butler’s kitchen window.  Often Faye and I chat through that window while I’m doing laundry and she is washing dishes!  Good thing we like each other…we don’t have a lot of privacy!

Hanging the clothes on the line.  Just in case you are wondering, these pics were taken early one morning and it was pretty chilly…I don’t normally need leggings and a sweater here.  Mornings are a bit chilly though, and this morning was particularly chilly.

  1. Lindsey New

    Is this the same water you would shower with? I’m glad you clarified about the leggings- I was wondering!

    • Joseph

      No, our bath/shower water is yellower than that.

  2. I love this picture of you hanging the clothes up, maybe I just love clothes hanging on the line; whatever the reason, I like it. I’m sure this won’t be too fun in the rainy season but maybe there are some missionary tricks you’ll learn when the time comes on how to get clothes to dry.

  3. Marissa

    So we should send clothing in “earth tones” 🙂 note to self do not send whites!

  4. Andrea

    Mags was completely baffled by you hanging your clothes outside! “Why isn’t she putting them in the dryer mama?”

  5. Christy

    I was wondering what the weather was. You look cute no matter what!

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