One of our very favorite things about being in PNG is the puppies!  Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell us we would get to have puppies living near us!  One of the guard dogs here on the mission base had puppies before we got here and they live right beside us!  We love to go visit them in their cage.  It is even more fun when they get let out.  We can pet them and even hold them!  Aren’t they so cute?  There are 5 puppies-3 boys and 2 girls!

This is the mommy doggie that Belle is petting.  Her name is Roxie.  There are a few other big doggies around here too.  Some are nice doggies.  Our favorite is named Rasta.

We miss everyone so much!

Love, Belle and Lucy

  1. Graham

    Seriously? The girls and puppies? This is like a tactical ballistic nuclear missile of cuteness. There should be a UN Security Council resolution controlling cuteness of this magnitude.

  2. That is great to have puppies and dogs without having the upkeep! Score for everyone! We miss y’all too! Oliver asked if he could go to Lucy Belle’s house not long ago, so cute; I do think it was more about the magic tunnel door than anything else though 🙂

  3. Kelly K

    Love it!
    I did notice you girls don’t have shoes on…. tribal already. It took all of 2 weeks 😉
    Harper has written a letter to the 2 of you. It will be in the mail soon.

    • Elizabeth

      the doggies are right there in our yard. they do wear shoes if we go farther away…but usually no shoes in our yard.

  4. Ashley

    We loved seeing the doggies too!! Love those pics! Emma and Hayes said the Mama looked like Kai and Jake 🙂

    • Ashley

      PS can’t wait to hear about the night with the tribe.

  5. Wow. You girls type so well. I guess we don’t have to be concerned for your education in PNG.

  6. Graham

    I think this is about the 137th time I’ve reloaded this post.

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