Our mission base is surrounded by homes of local people.  Now that we are officially learning Pidgin (the language they speak here) we are walking around and talking to people on a regular basis.  Yesterday one of the ladies who lives nearby, Soheko, came over to our house with 2 of her kids to chat and let the kids play.  (They are all so helpful in our quest to learn to speak their language!)  3 of Soheko’s kids are in school, so only the youngest were with her.  Petra is 5 (I think) and Esta is 3, so they were great playmates for our girls!

Lucy and Petra in the little house they made by flipping the chair over (with Daddy’s help).  At one point all 4 of the kids were in there pretending to be kitties.

Soheko was showing us how they make the bags the wear (called “billums”).  Belle is playing with a pice of yarn that Soheko had given her.

Here she is making the billum.

Me and Soheko chatting.  Considering how little Pidgin we know, it took a lot of effort to be able to understand or say anything!  But we will keep having times like this where we chat with folks and will learn more and more each time!


This is the needle she uses to make her billums…it is part of an old umbrella filed down to a point.  They are so creative!

All the kids playing together


So this is how we will learn to speak their language.  I am so thankful that the people around us are so nice and so willing to help us learn!  Most of them have helped many missionaries before us too.  They are quite patient with us in this beginning time, repeating things over and over and being willing to limit conversation to the very few things we know!

  1. Ashley

    Barbies are definitely cross-cultural toys! How exciting though – to be playing with and talking to the neighbors! Praying for y’all!

    • Joseph

      Those are Disney princesses, Ashley.

      • Ashley

        What was I thinking?!?!

  2. Are the people that live around the base believers? Do they understand why you are there in PNG?

    • Joseph

      Some of them definitely, but it is a mix for sure. We’ll learn more as we get out and about, though.

  3. Christy

    OH, Elizabeth! You are awesome! I love seeing you with another local mom. I love that she visited you and the kids played together. So sweet. I love that pic! Please be encouraged! I am so proud of you!!

  4. Denise

    This brings tears to my eyes. I am so glad God called you to be doing this. I’m sure He knew if he sent me and Todd, I’d still be organizing my cabinets, rearranging the furniture for the 30th time and waiting for him to be getting home from kayaking. Hmm, wait a second…. Thank you for diving right in to what God has for you to do there. You and your family are much in our prayers.

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