Yesterday Papua New Guinea celebrated it’s independence day and as part of the celebration there is a 3-day show in Goroka (the town we live outside of.) We went today and it reminded me a lot of the Scottish Games in Greenville–a bunch of groups dress up in clothes they don’t usually wear and stand around playing bagpipes and drums. In this case there were no bagpipes and the drums were different. Additionally, no kilts. Otherwise, pretty much the same.

It was a fun experience. Here is some of what we saw:


  1. Heather Nelson

    As England is to the USA so is __________ to PNG??? Just curious…Also, I think I am typing this close to 4 AM your time…how are your mornings going? Are the kids sleeping later? Hope so.

    • Joseph

      Australia governed PNG from WWII to 1975. Both Australia and PNG were part of the British Empire and actually still consider the British Monarch to be their head of state as part of the “commonwealth realm.”

      The kids are still waking up around 6am–better than 4am, but still too early for our liking.

  2. Denise

    Which was one is you?

  3. Denise

    Oh my goodness! What is wrong with me? I am thinking clearly but typing, like, upside down or something. The question (now rather pointless and not at ALL funny) is “Which one is you?”

    Never mind.

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