While we were at the Highlands Conference last week, Belle and Lucy got to take part in Vacation Bible School complete with a guy form Michigan and his puppet. It was such a blessing for us and for the girls. Of course we appreciated having something for our kids to do while we had our own stuff going on, but additionally it was so good for Belle. She had a blast and it was the first fun activity she’s been able to do since we’ve been here that was just right for her. She looked forward to going to the tent each morning and in the afternoons she would play with her new friends.

This was the last day when all the kids came to sing their songs to the parents. None of you who know Belle will be surprised that she didn’t take center stage for the performance. As you can see, Lucy was the youngest.

Here are some of the crafts from the week.

And here is Belle (purple) chatting with one of her new friends in the rain.

  1. Joey Osborn

    Can’t tell you all how much I look forward to your updates. Samuel and I immediately grab our phones when we wake up to see if anything’s been posted overnight.

    Glad the girls got to do something fun while you were checking things out.

    Love you all!

    • elizabeth osborn

      that’s so funny! i check my computer first thing to see if anyone commented! 🙂 glad ya’ll are enjoying the posts!

  2. Joey Osborn

    By the way, these pics are as serious as I’ve ever seen Lucy!

  3. Ashley

    I agree with Joey…I have never seen Lucy anything but silly until this post. I am glad that she and Belle had something fun that was meant just for kids.

    The girls and I made Lucy a belated birthday video. Matt will be emailing it tonight (you would think I could learn how to do that =)) We miss you guys terribly, and we pray for you daily.

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