We went to the museum here yesterday.  It was full of interesting things about the history of the people in PNG.  Honestly there was way more than I could really appreciate in one trip…especially when that trip included all 3 kiddos.  So maybe another trip will be in our future.  I actually have more pics than this, but the computer was being TERRIBLY slow uploading tonight, so I thought I’d just share with you one of my favorite things from the museum.  The finger necklace.

Its basically like it sounds, a necklace with fingers on it!

Apparently some people group here (or maybe several people groups) made necklaces like these as a way of grieving and wore the body parts of their deceased relatives.

You can read here what was on this specific necklace that we saw at the museum.

Here are some more interesting necklaces.  Any guesses what is on them?


  1. Kelley Haff

    More animal privates?

    • Elizabeth

      you got it! haven’t you always wanted a necklace of animal privates??

  2. Ashley

    I know that we (I) want to do strange things when grieving, but I don’t know about this….

  3. Elizabeth, let’s keep to the scenic landscape pictures and posts! 🙂 love yall

    • Kelly K

      I think I have to agree. This was not a pleasant post to wake up to this morning!!! It made for good convo at church though!!!!

  4. Lindsey New

    You are so crafty, I know you’ll be making these in no time!

  5. Andrea

    After learning what the first necklace was made from I am a little nervous to guess…

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