While walking on the path above today (all by my lonesome) I suddenly saw a family of pigs about ten yards away coming toward me. There were two adults, but I couldn’t tell how many piglets because they were all lined up due to the narrowness of the path. They stopped at the same time I did (at least the lead pig did) and stared back at me. My first thought was where to dive if they charged at me (I’ve heard enough* stories about wild pigs goring people already.) The grass is really thick and about knee high, so I didn’t know what I would be diving into. However, after a good thirty seconds into the staring contest, I decided they probably weren’t coming for me. So I did what anyone would do and said “I’m new here. I don’t know which of us has the right-of-way.” At this, the pigs turned and ran–so I guess I had the right-of-way.

Later on I was talking to a couple of boys trying to learn some Pidgin (PNG’s trade language) and they showed me the spider below and explained that they planned to cook and eat it. I preempted any offer to share by quickly explaining that I am afraid of spiders–this is at least partially true because I am afraid of that spider and I am afraid of eating any spider.


Later this afternoon while I was sitting on our porch studying, our neighbor, Josh, uncovered a rat which scampered my way. After a ten minute chase, the rat met it’s end.


As promised, here are a couple more pictures of gates:

*Let’s be honest, one such story is enough and I’ve heard more than one.

  1. The Glover Family

    That spider is by far the scariest thing I have ever seen! Looks like something from outer space. Ewwwwwwww! Stay safe from pigs and spiders.

  2. Ashley

    That spider is horrible!

  3. Andrea

    I am very thankful I did not read this before I went to bed, that spider is the kind that gives you nightmares! Thankful you didn’t get challenged by the pigs too!

  4. Taryn

    I hope that was not the same type of spider you killed in your house a couple weeks ago that had all the babies. If so, apparently that would have been a free dinner.

    • Joseph

      Thankfully no. If I saw that spider in my house, I’m not sure what I would do.

  5. Joanna needs to “man-up” with the bugs that visit us in our Allendale home.

  6. Ashley

    Since you are just learning Pidgin, is it possible you misunderstood the boys saying they were going to cook and eat the spider? I just cannot imagine. One bite of E’s food and they would never go back! Close call with the pigs. In general, do you carry any type of protection?

    • Joseph

      No misunderstanding. I talked with another guy about it today who said he was going to feed me some food in the future with one of those spiders hidden in it.
      I carry my two fists everywhere I go.

  7. Denise

    Joseph, if you ever send another picture like that eight legged thing again, we may withdraw support. That is unexcusable. I don’t know what God was thinking but… Surely the world could spin without that thing being on it. The fear I would have of encountering that. And you know children who ate it? You should keep an eye on them. They might eat one of the kids next! Horror. And I am on my way to bed. Nightmares will be visiting me. I can’t wait until you enter a few more blogs so that picture is not on the front page.

  8. Chris McGowan

    I thought it was going to be a good idea to catch up on your blog over breakfast this morning…probably should have skipped the post about eating spiders…PS – you can make me feel better by saying the person holding the spider is only as big as Cohen and that spider is really only as big as a quarter.

    • Joseph

      Sorry, no dice. At least it is smaller than a roll of quarters.

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