1. Natalie Patterson

    Love the grins on the faces in #9!

  2. Lindsey New

    The one of Belle- LOVE it! What was she doing?

    • Joseph

      Reading a book in her bed after dark holding a head lamp. There was laundry hanging in their room that hadn’t gotten dry before dark (or maybe it was dry and then it may have gotten rained on.)

  3. The Glover Family

    Figured some plant stained that gentleman’s teeth. As a nurse, I’m curious about the illnesses of the locals (yes, I did notice some mucous (OK – snot) under many of the kids’ noses. Do they have access to a medical facility near by? Great photos. 🙂

    • Joseph

      The red stain comes form something they chew that is a combination of a nut, a root and lime (not the fruit, but the white powder from limestone.) It’s a narcotic.

      There are lots of runny noses all the time. There are clinics, but we are still learning about them. We don’t know yet if they are any good or if the people generally even go to them.

  4. Ashley

    Beautiful photos…..especially love the one of Belle.

  5. Sharon Jacobs

    there are no words to convey how those pictures moved me…(that means I liked them). Seriously. wow.

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