Taking out the trash is a bit more of a process here than at home. It starts with three separate receptacles in our house. Rubish is divided according to following criteria:

  1. Can a pig eat it? If yes, put it in container #1. If no, proceed.
  2. Can it be burned? If yes, put it in container #2. If no, proceed
  3. If the item has made it this far, brake it or crush it as much as possible and put it in container #3.

The pig feast gets hung on any nearby fence post for the next lucky pig-owner to bring home to the bacon.

The combustibles are taken to the burn pile and combusted.

The rest gets tossed in these and eventually trucked to the city dump (at a considerable price apparently which necessitates the crushing and breaking to reduce the volume and therefore the frequency of such trips.)

It makes me miss rolling the dumpster down to the street once a week.

  1. Ashley

    we miss seeing you roll down the dumpster once a week. it’s like recycling: PNG style 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Eye opening to how much we take for granted. And to how much waste we produce… those are the smallest trash cans!

  3. Ashley Gaymon

    We could definitely take a few notes over here in the States!

  4. Our neighbor James takes the trash can to and from the street each week. You should get someone like him.

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