We just got an email letting us know that all the stuff we shipped from America has arrived in Sydney and should be in Lae, PNG (a port city) at the end of October. After that, who knows–our neighbors had to wait over a month for their stuff to clear customs and make it to our location. But that has made us think about some of the things we are glad we don’t have to wait for. Remember this picture from when we were dropped off at the Greenville airport?

You might be surprised by some of the things we filled those suitcases with. Aside from obvious stuff like clothes, laptops and cameras, here are a few items we are most glad we decided to bring:

This is the clear winner for me.

I’ll certainly be happy when all my tools are here instead of just one small tool bag, but in the meantime I’m glad I have this selection. I’ve used at least one of these tools just about every day since we’ve been here.

Elizabeth’s top pick in the category of unconventional airline baggage contents would be these.

Although our kitchen was well stocked with a (randomly matched) assortment of dishes and utensils, there isn’t a decent knife in the place. We got this set of knives for our wedding and picked three of them to bring in the suitcase. We are glad we did.

For the girls we look forward to a larger selection of toys, but the Disney Princesses sure have gotten a lot of use already.


Here are a few more things we are happy to have…

  • Thermarest sleeping pads. Our “mattress” leaves a lot to be desired, but sticking our thermarest pads underneath it has helped immensely.
  • Car seats for the kids. You can see one in the picture above–you can’t see the other two that are actually inside suitcases. We may be the only people in PNG with car seats, but we still think they are a good idea.
  • Our double jogging stroller. Transportation, pack-mule, portable seating and dining surface.
  • Supplies for a fully stocked medicine cabinet. Maybe not enough Pepto Bismol, though.
  1. Andrea

    can you buy medicines like Pepto Bismol and things there? If not, post about things that you need or would like to have and we can mail them to you. That would be a really great way for us to meet your needs practically.

    • Joseph

      I think we can get what we need through the clinic-they get stuff form other countries so ensure it is real. We haven’t tried it yet, so we’ll let you know if we need something. Thanks!

  2. Heather Nelson

    Ditto on the comment above! Also, what a great call on bringing the knives! Even when we go on vacation, I take at least one good kitchen knife from home.

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