***Warning: This post is about killing a chicken! And there are pictures.
If you are eating breakfast while reading this post, it is your fault***

[Previously, Elizabeth represented herself as our children when writing a post herself. This post was actually dictated by Belle.]


We walked to the friends house to get a chicken.
They picked out one chicken and put it in a bowl.

And then they cut the head.

The head is cut off and the chicken has blood coming out of the body.

They poured water on to clean it off (Editors note: They poured boiling water on the chicken to loosen the feathers.)

They cut the feet off.

They ripped the feathers off and mommy helped.

And then it was nekid.

They took out everything that the chicken ate.

And they took out the poop.

Belle and Lucy were watching the chicken be killed.

The dog is eating the feathers that they pulled off.

That’s when they’re cutting a hole in the tail and the tail is spikey.

They’re washing the chicken out. And washing it off.

The chicken is put in a bag.

Belle and Mommy take the chicken home.

  1. Kelly K

    oh….. wow. I am impressed by you Belle for watching and re-telling the story and for your Mommy for helping! A day in the life of the Osborns. 🙂

    • Belle

      Thank you. We miss you and I love you. Tell Harper that I love her and miss her.

      • Kelly K

        Harper says “I miss you too but ewww that was a gross story you told!”

  2. Chris McGowan

    So is that considered “farm-raised” local meat?

    • Joseph

      Free-Range, even.

      • Graham


  3. buck

    Totally awesome!!! MMM, HMMM GOOD!

  4. Andrea

    I’m impressed that you ate the chicken after disassembling it. Definitely makes what you eat a little more personal.

  5. I knew this day was coming! So Joseph, you just had to take pictures during all this? 🙂
    And Elizabeth, I love the urban tribal outfit, it totally works!

    • Joseph

      I have a responsibility to all the fine people at home.

  6. Ashley Gaymon

    I would have lasted two seconds….Belle is one brave little girl!

    • Elizabeth

      it was way less disturbing than you might imagine. even the initial head cutting off part! i was still surprised that belle and lucy wanted to watch though. they really didn’t seem bothered by it. even when we talked about eating it. we discussed how chicken animals and chicken food are the same thing!

  7. Julie

    I bet that chicken had lots more flavor than the mass produced “white meat” in our grocery. How cool!

  8. Kristen Belflower

    There are no words… And here I am freaking out if any part of the chicken touches the counter and washing my hands like a maniac. Belle is the bravest 4-year-old I know.

    • Elizabeth

      yeah, it was a little disturbing that there was no soap. they just rinsed their hands with water when they were done and went on with doing other things. and so did we…but then we went home and scrubbed up before we ate!

  9. mom o

    Belle and Lucy, I remember once your Great,great grandfather Langle (Great Gramdmother’s daddy) did that to four of five chckens. I stood by a fire with my cousin Dickie and Grandpa Langle as he dunked the chickens in a bucket of hot water. Then he handed me one and let me pull off the feathers just like your mommy did. Didn’t it smell awful? We took the chickens into the kitchen and Grandma Langle cut them all apart to get them ready to eat. Dickie and I took a bucket with the inside parts back outside and fed them to the pigs! Next, we watched Grandma Langle fry the chicken parts in a big skillet for our dinner.
    People would come to their farm to buy the fresh chickens. When I got older, my grandmother loved to remind me that I told her that day that I wanted to grow up to be just like her so I’d know how to “dress the chickens.”
    Did the chicken taste good when you and Mommy cooked it?

  10. I’ve been catching up on the entire blog over the past few days. I must say I’m grateful that you’re such wonderful photographers, because the images add such depth to your words. Not to mention I have never witnessed a chicken killin’ in person.
    I was also wondering aside from the lady who came to your house to teach you how to construct the little bag, do the local people interact with you regularly on the base? Or is it more a case of you going to their houses? Can you just “drop in” or is an invitation necessary? So many new cultural things to absorb so you can earn credibility with them.

    • Joseph

      Terri, there are a number of folks who drop in on us randomly and we return the favor with them. Additionally, we schedule specific times with some of our “language helpers” to be intentional about learning–these meetings happen at our place and theirs.

  11. Molly

    everyone’s busy watching the chicken killin’ and I’m wondering where Elizabeth got those fabulous ear bobs! did you get blood on your tunic? and what i wouldn’t give to raise and kill and eat some chickens of my own. one day….

    • elizabeth osborn

      you are so funny. those fabulous earrings are courtesy of annabelle…they came in our first package! she got them at target if you want to copy me…i don’t think we’ll have to worry about wearing them on the same day. 😉 i don’t think i got any blood on my shirt…just on my hands! one day you will have a big ole farm with chickens and eggs and all sorts of green things. maybe you should just move here?? btw, funny that you WANT to kill chickens when most everyone else has been grossed out!

  12. tina

    You are just cool! It s impressing to see that you were able to watch the butchering and processing… brave Girls!

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