We haven’t been trying to actively teach our kids Pidgin, but every once in a while we ask them to say a Pidgin phrase or something. Lucy usually obliges, but Belle never does.  She has never seemed at all interested when we encourage her, so it has surprised us when something Pidgin comes out of Belle!

Today she drew me a picture with some writing on it.  I could tell that it said “Belle and Lucy”, but I couldn’t tell what the other words were (it looked something like “im yunim”) so I asked her.  She told me it said “em wanem” which is “what is it” in Pidgin.  The picture was of Belle, Lucy and a kitty and she had written Belle, Lucy and “what is it” so I could guess what the other thing in the picture was.

The other day Belle heard someone say “kai” and she asked “do you mean my friend Kai (she has a friend here named Kai) or kaikai? ” We asked her what she meant by kaikai and she said “you know, like you kaikai popo.”  “Kaikai” is the word for eat and “popo” is the word for papaya.  She got it right!

It is so neat that God made little kids such sponges for language! That is really going to come in handy for us!


  1. Taryn

    That is so great! I’ve been wondering about how they are doing with everything. What’s really crazy is how easily Everett will pick up the language. Anyway you all can post video or a soundbite so we can hear what Pidgin sounds like?

    • Kelly K

      I second that idea Taryn!

      • Great idea!!
        P.S. I’ve been loving all the blog posts. Sorry I don’t post a reply, but please know all of us here on this side are thrilled for your experience and grateful for the technology that allows us to participate in a tiny way vicariously.
        I can’t wait to one day see a glimpse of you in the NTM magazine. 🙂 (At least they ought to use your amazing pictures!)

  2. Lindsey New

    Very cool- you should post the picture.

    • Joseph

      Our scanner hasn’t arrived in our shipment yet. Maybe we’ll try to snap a photo.

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