We’ve had a request to hear what Pidgin sounds like. So here it is. This is a recording of our friend, Hoax, talking about work he will be doing in his garden tomorrow. You’ll be able to notice how the language has a lot of English words (or English sounding words.) Most of the time this makes learning easier; sometimes they have re-appropriated words which ultimately makes it more difficult. Click below to listen.

Hoax Talking


  1. Taryn

    Thank you! It sounds like a beautiful language. Abby was listening with me and she said “He said plastic!” Did he?

  2. Chris McGowan

    Hoax sounds like he should be on a BBC radio show…really smooth voice and language. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kelly K

    Tell Hoax thank you and can you explain to him what a gift it is for me back in the States to hear his voice and know about him, making me feel all the more close to you! Is he a believer?

  4. How do you pronounce Pidgin? I find myself saying ‘pig-den’ or ‘pigeon,” and I’m assuming both are way off. When I see it spelled ‘pisin’…well…I pronounce it an entirely different way.

    • Joseph

      Pidgin is the English way to say/spell it and it’s pronounced “pigeon”–so you were right. “Pisin” is the pidgin way to say it and is usually pronounced peeseen where the “s” is not a z-sound.

  5. Andrea

    I was wondering the same thing Mary Beth!

    Thanks for posting the recording! I have been wondering what pidgin sounds like. It almost sounds like a mix between french and english. Just with how smoothly he speaks and how his words seem to run together. Tell Hoax thanks for doing this for us!

  6. Matt New

    Hmmm. This whole thing sounds like a hoax to me. How has nobody said that yet! Ditto Chris and Kelly – very cool.

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