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Here is a brief description of the individual items we need for our system:

  • Solar Panels These harness the power of the sun and turn it into electricity we can use. They are magic.
  • Battery Charger This device controls the electricity coming from the solar panels so we can simultaneously use it and charge our gigantic batteries for use when the sun doesn’t shine.
  • 12V Circuit Box This is a circuit box for our 12V system which will run most of our electrical equipment.
  • 120V Inverter This converts the 12V DC electricity running through most of our system into 120V AC electricity (like what we have in the states) for our equipment that can’t run on 12V DC.
  • Inverter Controller  This allows us to program the Inverter.
  • 120V Circuit Box This is a circuit box for our 120V electricity.
  • Cable and Hardware This is for connecting our solar panels batteries and everything in between.
  • Wiring, Switches and Outlets These are for wiring our house.
  • Water Pump This runs off our electric system and pressurizes our water.
  • Generator This is a back-up for when the sun doesn’t shine for a day or two and we are low on power.
  • Refrigerator and Freezer These keep our food cold. They are super efficient chest-type units. (Ever notice how cold your feet get when you open your fridge and all the cold air falls out–not very efficient.)

If you (or your small group, sunday school class, church, 4-H club, Bible Study group, basketball team, or chess club) would like to purchase one of these items for us, please contact us.

  1. I am totally going to start a chess club in Allendale. After we get it together, we’ll pool our resources to help you out.

    • Joseph

      Aren’t you already part of some sort of club?

      • Yes. But not chess. Chess is much awesomer.

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