We tried to pretend it was fall here so we could enjoy Halloween. Elizabeth made carmel corn and pumpkin muffins and God sent us a cool wind that almost made us think it could be fall.

We haven’t seen a single “real” pumpkin here, but we did get a couple of small green ones. The girls enjoyed drawing faces on them for me to carve.

Everett preferred to pose like a jack-o-latern.

You’ll notice that Belle included cheeks on her pumpkin which is her custom whenever drawing faces. In this picture, Lucy did a pretty good job making the same face as her pumpkin.

For the second consecutive year, we didn’t get a good costume picture on Halloween. I think it will be a family tradition. Nonetheless, here is a picture of trick-or-treating on the mission base.

  1. Chris McGowan

    Those pumpkins do have an uncanny resemblance to the kids! Do they give out Butterfingers in PNG?

  2. Joey Osborn

    Glad you are still able to take part in some fall activities! Looks like they had a ball!

  3. Lindsey New

    So fun! What did they get while Trick-or-Treating?

    • elizabeth osborn

      lots of tootsie rolls, some hard candies, gum, a couple of christmas hershey kisses, a twizzler, some starbursts, and few other random candies. the starbursts, twizzlers ad tootsie rolls they sell at our missionary store. i think the hard candies and gum are from the store in town. really not sure about the xmas candy! 🙂
      definitely not the candy stash we would have gotten at home, but it was fun, and the kids don’t know any better!

  4. Grandma Godfrey

    Dear Joseph, Elizabeth and family, I just looked at your pictures with Margi, who is here visiting, and they are so cute! I’ve been wondering what your living quarters are like. Raspberry season is now over and I’m glad for that! Always good to hear from you, Love,

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