1. Christy

    You have precious kids!!!

  2. I saw a bum genius on Everett! And I’m pretty sure that if enough people wore those twirly tutu skirts it would rain gumdrops, we all need to have one!

    • Elizabeth

      I love the diapers! I am SO glad you gave them to us!! thank you again! and we got your package…now they will have more twirly skirts to make the gumdrops come!! We loved it!! thanks!

  3. Natalie Patterson

    LOVE Lucy’s onesie snaps hanging on the outside of her skirt!

    • Elizabeth

      i know…can you tell she has had that for a while?? she’s been wearing it for 2 years…i think its an 18 mo size! but she still loves it!

  4. Kelley Haff

    What did Everett eat? And where do the locals get their clothes? Bob the builder? Is there any TV?

    • Joseph


      There is one television station in PNG and a few Australian stations that come in sometimes, but hardly any of the nationals have a TV. There are lots of second-hand stores in town. Most of those clothes come from Australia.

      • Kelley Haff

        After I posted, I saw Elizabeth’s post about her awesome jeans find. And E’s purple mouth?

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