Most of you probably know that I love to eat out.  In the US, I was always up for dropping whatever plans I had so I could eat out with friends.  We totally miss our 5:00 calls from Matt and Lindsey New to go out to supper, and we don’t get NEARLY as many opportunities to go out, but there are a few restaurants in Goroka that we have gotten to enjoy.  Our first week here our orienters took us out to eat while showing us around town.  They took us to a hotel restaurant called the Bird that has a pool for guests to swim in while eating.  Here’e what it looks like:

The actual restaurant is up where the umbrellas are in the back of the picture, but we have sat by the pool the 2 times we have eaten here.  Isn’t it pretty?  Our first impression was that it seemed SO nice compared to the rest of town.

The girls enjoying their fun drinks by the pool.

The kids chicken fingers.  I think that is mayo on them.

Our hamburger with an egg on it.  The burgers are okay, but not amazing.  All the food is pretty hit or miss, honestly.

This pic is actually from the second time we went here, but the girls had on the same bathing suits!  The second time we went was to celebrate Lucy and Layla’s b-day.

Another restaurant we have gone to twice is called Pacific Gardens. It is also a hotel, but it doesn’t have a pool.  We really liked our food here both times.  Our first visit was a date (just the 2 of us!) for Joseph’s b-day, and we just went back yesterday for lunch with the kids.  Sorry we don’t have any pics from our lunch here, because it is actually really pretty when you can see more than blackness behind me! (By the way, those can drinks we are drinking are a new treat we have discovered here…Schweppe’s Orange Mango…yum!)

Here’s what my chicken looked like on date night.

One of the other restaurants is a Chinese place called the Mandarin, which is pretty much like a Chinese restaurant at home.  Well, not quite as good, but pretty similar.  This is when all the ladies from our base went second hand shopping and had lunch out.  (Side note, that teenage girl in the front left is named Lucy and our Lucy just loves that!  She babysat for us for our date night and the girls were so excited about “Big Lucy”)

When we make our move to the bush we won’t have any restaurants around, so we want to enjoy access to some while we still have it!  And I suppose we are gradually making the switch to not eating out since I think this time it was one month from the last time we ate out until the next!  I don’t think I ever went that long between restaurant visits at home…I may not have ever gone a whole week!


  1. Kelly K

    Love that y’all had a date night!!!! Better do that some more before the bush too! Is the Coke good in PNG? Taste different? Served cold? I am loving having meals brought to us right now, I may forget how to cook 😉

    • Joseph

      It is served cold. And it is different–it’s made with sugar, not corn syrup. Sometimes it actually tastes a little watered down though, which is off-putting.

  2. The burger reminds of what Sender tells me whenever we go to Hardee’s for breakfast, here in Allendale:

    “I want a bacon, egg, and cheese burger.”

    He’s a little confused (BISCUIT, son, not BURGER). But it makes me nauseated just thinking about it.

    • Joseph

      Throw some avocado on there and you’ve got a meal!

  3. Christy

    nothing like a burger and fries at mojo’s!

    • Elizabeth

      definitely nothing like it! mojo’s sounds really good right now…
      btw, got your card! thx so much!

  4. Joanna

    So glad you guys got a date night!! Food looks pretty good, but what’s the fried stuff along with the chicken? At least it looks fried.

    • Elizabeth

      those are potatoes. and the weird thing on top of my chicken is bacon.

  5. Lindsey New

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that you got to go out to eat- I know how exciting this was for our weekly rituals 🙂 . I think of you at 5pm so many days!!

  6. Yay! I’m glad you found a soda you like so you don’t have to drink boring water when you go out! I will have to look for Schweppe’s Orange Mango on the crazy Coke machine at Firehouse. 🙂

    • Matt New

      that might be the funniest comment on the site. I hate that machine.

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