We’ve shown a bunch of pictures of houses here in PNG, but I realized we haven’t shown much of what they look like inside. So to remedy that, here’s the inside of one house. This is pretty typical from what we’ve seen and heard. There is usually a bamboo platform that serves as a bed lining the walls (often in a horseshoe shape) and a fire place* in the middle. This could be the house of a single family, but often it would be for extended family and any guests. Everybody sleeps close to one another around the bed. If there is a word for “privacy” in Pidgin, we haven’t learned it yet.

*By “fire place” I mean only, a place for a fire.

  1. Sharon Jacobs

    Ok call me crazy, but I stared and stared at that picture! I thought that was a giant bath area in the middle with a deck around the outside and all that white stuff was bubbles.\ and the clothing was wet towels!!!! I couldn’t understand how all those houses had big indoor tubs with people sleeping around them! That just goes to show you how long I was actually thinking about this!!!! I know it sounds stupid, but just tell me…..can you use your imagination and see what I saw????

    • Joseph

      If I spent all summer lounging at the pool and playing volleyball, I could probably see that too.

      • Sharon Jacobs

        This comment, from a person that spent a summer making up games like “Barley Mill” and “dibble”??? I will remember this when you come crying to me for a golf tee or a volleyball……

        • Terri

          THIS is where “dibble” came from?! Oh, the things one learns reading blogs.

          • Sharon Jacobs

            yep, I think the Osborns should market the game….put some old golf tees in a box with directions & put them on the shelves at Walmart…good fundraiser 🙂

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